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Best Himalayan Treks in Nepal, Top 10 Himalayan Trekking Tours

Nepal is one of the Known country famous for its adventure, trekking, and mountaineering. The Nepalese Himalayas offers a number of stunning trekking routes to all the travelers. It also offers a special trek to all seasons. There’s a variety of treks you all want to know about in difference with its time and situation. The mesmerizing mountains and the panoramic views of the mountains give peace and happiness. You can explore your life dreams holidays in Nepal for all seasons.

Manali Leh Highway: Travel This Danger Road

Traveling the Manali Leh Road can be very dangerous. If you’re able to make take it safely, you will enjoy all that your eyes witnessed.

My Magic Mountain

Julian, California has a population of about 1500, minus one. I left there four years ago after a ten year interaction with the mountain, its people and their ways. It came down to survival skills many times. The Cuyamaca Mountains have a long history and a lot of seashells in their peaks.

The Best of Adventure Destinations in India

Our beautiful country is endowed with numerous bounties and opportunities, completely friendly to tourists of all sorts; from vagabonds and families and hippies to adventure enthusiasts. From the sky-kissing Himalayas to rainforests to deserts to boundless coastlines, India offers everything to those who seek.

Find the Best Places Around Bangalore for a Team Outing

Bangalore is a metropolitan city and the Information technology hub of India. The life of people in Bangalore revolves around those stuffy office cubicles inventing new technologies for the world.

Top 3 Possible Reasons Why Lions Climb Trees In Manyara National Park

I wonder whether-you, like many safari enthusiasts-are fascinated with the prospect of seeing tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara; for which the Manyara national park on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has become all the rage. It would seem rather peculiar when people want to see lions in trees and Leopards on the ground. Paradoxically, some seem to think it is a marketing ploy invented by Tanzanian tour operators to generate interest in this particular safari destination.

What to Expect on a Picturesque Serengeti Balloon Safari

If you’ve been wondering what to expect on a Serengeti balloon safari, it doesn’t surprise me. Well, you’ve probably read or heard a lot about this fascinating excursion through the skies of famous African terrain, but I can assure you there’s no need to mull over it anymore. This article will aim to take you through the actual experience, so that you know exactly what to expect on a picturesque Serengeti balloon safari.

A Closer Look at What Inspired Hot Air Balloon Safaris in the Serengeti

On the 19th of September 1783, a scientist by the name Pilatre De Rozier launched the very first hot air balloon christened ‘Aerostat Reveillon’. For obvious reasons, the passengers on this particular voyage were a sheep, a duck and a rooster. The balloon managed 15 minutes in the air before plummeting back to earth with a resounding crash. The first manned attempt came about two months later, on November 21st, with a balloon built by two French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier.

Hunting Expeditions With The World’s Last Remaining Hunter Gatherer Tribe

If you have wondered what hunting with the Hadzabe hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania was like, then this article will not only take you through the penultimate experience into the cradle of humanity itself, it will show you on one level, how our relationship with food–or more accurately, with our ancestors and what might be the oldest food story in the world–that began in the large woodlands Savannahs east and south of the impressive Lake Eyasi… a beautiful soda lake that’s part of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, where a small group of hunter gatherers live and exist today in exactly the same way they did over forty thousand years ago.

Why Is Aswan a Surprising Place for Travelers?

Aswan the major city of Egypt. It is the last railway station in the southern part of the country. After Luxor, it is considered as the second most important city of Egypt. The majority of the tourist visit Aswan because it is the base for one day stay who are keen to visit Abu Simple Temples.