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Are Your Habits In Line With Your Business Priorities?

We all have regular practices which give us structure. These practices help us remain mentally and physically healthy, and they enable us to approach life consciously. These habits are important every time, and they’re crucial in our busiest and most chaotic times.

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Hide His Needs Around Women If He Had A Neglectful Mother?

If a man was to take a step back and reflect on how he behaves around women, what he may find is that he has the tendency to hide his needs. When this takes place, he will create the impression that he doesn’t have any.

Why Effective Leaders Must Be PRAGMATIC Idealists?

Regardless of what group, one is a leader of, whether, public, corporate, and/ or, organizational, we all benefit, when the individual, does not, merely, exhibit, relevant, idealism, but, proceeds, as a PRAGMATIC idealsit! What good, is, even the finest ideas, and most responsible perceptions, unless/ until, one is able to create a meeting – of – the – minds, to get things done? How often, have we witnessed, something – better, being sacrified, because of waiting for perfection, and/ or, idealism?

A Diary of a Team’s Performance in Junior Australian Football Season

During our author’s junior Australian Football coaching career, he coached his son’s under eight team. After each game he would write an assessment of the game that would become the basis of the next training run and the pre-game team talk. He would note the items to be addressed plus those that showed improvement. In this article he includes what he wrote about each match and includes some observations about the season’s games and about junior coaching.

Why Don’t Public Officials Get Things DONE?

If, you are like, many others, who study the history, heritage and past, of this nation, and realize, the same topics, are repeated, over – and – over, again, often, without any quality, viable solutions, and related actions, performed, etc! Why do we keep, seeing, public officials, either, not ready, willing, and/ or, able, to get what, should be prioritized, DONE? Why do politicians, so rarely, transform – themselves, to quality statesmen, after they were elected, but, rather, continue focusing on their personal/ political agendas, and self – interest, rather than the greater good?

Franchising Disclosure Document (FDD) Items

There are several required items that should be drafted when creating the Franchise Disclosure Document. Some may not apply to the company owing the franchise, others will. Be sure to have an attorney review the document prior to releasing for potential franchisees to read.

Are You Grateful, Just Happy, Or Neither?

Most of us take too much credit for our accomplishments. We’re too proud of our hard work invested to attain whatever we have accomplished. Others of us are stuck in envy of the “winners” in life. The Bible offers us a solution. It is rooted in genuine gratitude. Whether you think of yourself as a winner or a looser or somewhere between, let’s think about this together.

When the Unjust Are Made Just

Mankind is unable to make himself “just” before God. It is a virtual impossibility. But there is an amazing truth! God did provide a way, and He offers it perfectly free to all.

One Sure Way to Burn Belly Fat

One sure way to burn belly fat is a diet that eliminates calories and reduces belly fat. It includes high-intensity bursts of activity followed by short recovery periods.

The Aerospatiale SN601 Corvette

This article discusses the design, development, and history of the Aerospatiale SN.601 Corvette, business jet and regional airliner. It offers insight into why it was not successful.