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Most Amazing and Interesting Facts About Kerala You Must Know

Kerala is called the most advanced society of India due to a number of reasons. 100% literacy rate, world-class health care systems, lowest infant mortality rate, highest life expectancy rates, highest physical quality of life and the cleanest state of India are just some of the few reasons. These amazing, interesting and jaw-dropping facts about Kerala will leave you speechless

10 Things I Discovered About the Mayan Alux in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is home to a mysterious creature called an alux. I just returned from a trip there interviewing local Maya about this diminutive, invisible being and after hearing their stories and experiencing my own, I am not so sure they are only folktales.

In Search Of A Vein

Tucked into the Cuyamaca Mountains, is a small town called Julian. Originally a mining town, there is still a real gold mine. The best part: THERE IS STILL GOLD IN IT.

My Village Is Called Texas

A visit to Kenya and spending time with the Masaai tribe changed the way I view the world, my fellow man and my own family. This piece is a glimpse of what a trip to the other side of the world revealed to a traveling Texan.

Bhutan Tours Is A Pleasurable Journey

If you are planning to experience the serene beauty of the mountains, it is the time that you take back a look at the nostalgic feelings that you have experienced during the previous trips. Whether you want to go trekking, hiking, camping or simply enjoy a holiday in the mountain with your family, Bhutan is incredibly beautiful.

Africanized Like A Bee

A tribal mindset. That’s what we’re missing. We completely forgot how it all started. Next to the wide open plains of the Serengeti in an area called the Masai Mara, I remembered.

Have A Time Of Your Life With Uganda Tours

This article represents how Uganda tours can help a person to get close to nature and the stunning wildlife. One can never forget the gorillas or the bird safari that adds much warmth to the tour itself.

Top 4 National Parks to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

India is known for its diversity and cultural richness. Known for its glorious past and brave stories, India offers its every traveller a warm welcome with all open hearts. If you are thinking to visit India in the near future, plan your vacations to one of the most amazing state of the country, Madhya Pradesh.

5 Great Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Pick A Vacation Destination

With all the stresses that we have to deal with in our everyday lives, the places we decide to spend our vacations should be perfectly suited to our needs. While there are some who find a bustling city full of nightlife to be the perfect choice for their get-a-ways, most people would agree that the ideal vacation destinations are full of nature and relaxing activities. If you are having difficulty deciding where you should spend your time and hard earned money, you are not alone. After all, many trip advisors and travel agencies exist for just this purpose. However, you don’t need to spend money to know where you should spend your money. With a few tips you can have yourself realizing the best vacay possible. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you pick your destination.

Star Wars Lands – Disney’s Largest Single-Themed Land Expansions Ever

The Star Wars Lands at Walt Disney World Orlando and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California are the largest ever single-themed Land expansions by the Burbank-based theme park and entertainment giant. First announced at the D23 Expo 2015, the two authentic and live versions of the iconic space Franchise will surely take the experience to a whole new level when open in 2019. The Star Wars Lands bring to life the adventures of a galaxy far, far away.